About Coloma

Coloma is named after Coloma, California. William White and Elias Follett had ventured to California during its gold rush days. They became fast friends and when they returned to Wisconsin, they suggeeted the town’s name be Coloma. Coloma, WI, bears the resemblance of its Californian namesake in that the men moved from the gold fields to the “fields of gold” — corn.

Originally, Coloma was 4 miles west of its present location. This is where the stagecoach line came through the country. When the railroad built its tracks in 1876, the tracks were built were Coloma presently stands, but it was called Coloma Station. In a few years, the new town had spung up around the newest means of transportation. Coloma Station became officially, Coloma, and the “old Coloma” became known as Coloma Corners.

Many of the buildings in Coloma are historic and the village retains its old time character while staying modern with entertainment and services people enjoy.

There is a lot to do for a small town.
Visit Amish Stores
Let us plan a “Grandparents Day” that your grandchildren will love.
Shop for a bridal gown, mother of the bride dress, or that cocktail dress you need for the next high school reunion.
Enjoy local performers on the Hotel Deck — Friday & Saturday nights
Watch an outdoor movie
Enjoy the historical society’s museum from the old Coloma (Coloma Corners)
Shop the grocery specials and have your groceries carried out to your car
Enjoy a free wine and cheese tasting.
Enjoy a concert in the Park
Partake in Chicken Chew the last weekend of June.
Bike Ride on the back roads.
Join the Coloma Cycling Club on their Saturday ride.
Social Tennis in the Park– all welcome, Thursdays @ 6 pm
Bring your boat and enjoy Pleasant or Wood Lake
Eat an Ice Cream or have a specialty coffee.
Buy your “smokes” or a new knife.
Eat delicious food in one of the many great restaurants.

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